Padayani at Sree Bhagavathikunnu Devi Temple


A procession of Nina Bhairavi Kolams was held as part of the annual Padayani festival at the ancient Bhagavathikkunu Devi temple at Elanthoor, near here, on Friday night.

The Sreedevi Padayani Sanghom of temple prepared the Kolams (masks) for the festival and made elaborate arrangements for the smooth conduct of the annual festival.

The Padayani masks were made of tender arecca palm spathes and frilled with tender coconut leaves. Natural colours were used for decorating the masks.

The Kolams were taken out in a procession to the temple premises around midnight. The Nina Bhairavi Kolam performance commemorates the slaying of demon Darika by Goddess Kali.

The procession was held from the Elanthoor Maha Ganapati temple to the Bhagavathikkunnu Devi temple with the accompaniment of Thalappoli, Vanchippattu, Thappu melom, etc.

The annual Padayani festival will draw to a close with the Valiya Padayani to be held on March 6 night.

The Kolams to be performed at the Valiya Padayani include that of Bhairavi, Kalan, Yakshi, Arakki-Yakshi, Maya-Yakshi, Anthara-Yakshi, Sundara-Yakshi, Pakshi, Maadan, Marutha, Aana-Marutha, Kanjiramaala and Siva Kolam.


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